Billie B Brown

by Sally RippinBillie B Brown

published by

Hardie Grant Egmont

The Big Book of Billie 2




“The Big Book of Billie 2” is a very funny and serious story about a girl in her first years at school. Her feelings, and concerns with friends, teachers and the day-to-day life with her family brings her very close to the young reader. Billie experiences lots of different lessons sometimes they are troublesome and hard but there is always a twist to gain a “happy end”. Until you start to read another chapter. In “The Big Book of Billi 2” there are 12 chapters for lots of reading pleasure.

The book is soon not longer just a story, you feel very close to Billie, and you desire to have a friend like her.


Billie B Billie B Brown 1


The Billie B Brown series is a brilliant choice for young readers because they keep going with reading. The sentences are easy build but nevertheless the story is captivating to children.